Surface Finish mainly has 4 types:

1. Foil Stamping

2. Diecuting

3. Special Coating

4. Embossing 

Actually, if no need above special finish.

You can just do it matte lamination, glossy lamination, or glossy varnish. these will be much cheaper. 

Glossy Lamination is cheaper unit price when your quantity is large compared with matte lamination. however if your qty is below 1000pcs, matte or glossy lamination is the same setup charge. 

Glossy varnish, is also common used for food packagings, since it's eco-friendly oil. not with films. but it's not very tough. so only for small boxes better. 

Like the burger boxes, donut boxes, cupcake boxes etc. if big boxes, to keep it strong, matte or glossy lamination is better used.