What is mailer box?

The corrugated mailer box is a type of the corrugated paperboard box, Now some online shopping e-commerce company also focuses on the mailer box packaging, which can be simple and protect the goods when delivering without adhesive tape.


1. How many layers should I use for my subscription mailer box?

For colorful printed corrugated paperboard packaging, 3 layers & 5layers are more commonly used. It’s suitable for medium sized and light & medium weight delivery packaging.


3 layers are more popular used for light E-commerce products like fashion garment mailer boxes, cosmetic packaging boxes, consumer products mailer boxes etc. If weight is below estimate 7lbs, we suggest using 3 layers corrugated boxes, and they can be different strength of corrugated paperboard to match different weight of you need. And 3 layers corrugated box is better  printing effect, especially the E flute, F flute, G flute.


5 layers of corrugated paperboard packaging boxes are more commonly used for heavy industries packaging like: stainless steel parts, automobile parts, electronic machines etc. Suitable for the clients have higher requirements on bearing capacity more than the good looking issue. Since the 5 layers of corrugated board flute is much bigger than 3 layers.


The cover layer for 3 layers & 5layers can be brown kraft, white kraft, CCNB paperboard, C1S white cardboard, Fancy Paperboard, subject to your different printing requirements and budget. More common cover material is kraft, CCNB, C1S.

2. Which flute is suitable for your packaging box?

Here we only talk about the most popular 3 layers flute for mailer boxes and other colorful printed corrugated boxes:


The B flute, E flute corrugated board are mostly used for the mailing box, corrugated auto lock boxes etc.


E flute corrugated board is around 1.5 to 2mm thickness by using different  material. which has the better printing quality by its smaller flute size. It is widely used for the retail packaging, such as shoe cleaner, shirt, jewelries subscription boxes, food mailer packaging and so on.


The B flute corrugated board is 2.5 to 2.8mm thickness in total by different surface paper and core papers. Mostly used for more heavy parts packaging, small or medium sized electronic products, packaging.


Material structure expressions:

For litho offset printed colorful corrugated box:

The raw material we buy is single face board like below shown, and the bottom paper can be different colors, the cheapest is brown, then white, then other colorful colors(2 times cost than the brown)

Generally, we suggest at least 300gsm CCNB or 250gsm C1S paperboard or 250gsm kraft. The former is only a little bit expensive than the latter. When the order qty is large, C1S paperboard can save much cost. But when all is the same gsm like: 300gsm CCNB & 300gsm C1S. the C1S will be much higher cost and more tough.


All above are litho colorful offset printing. It can print in CMYK or max 8 PMS colors at a time.


Below are water ink flexo printing (like the shipping carton) effect. It is unable to coat cover paper on the surface. When we buy the material, it’s already 3 or 5 layers like below:

Following is the black but CMYK printing by Litho.

It’s made of single faced corrugated coated with 1 layer of kraft with CMYK printing.

However, if you send inquiries to us, advise the logo design info, qty, color, weight of content etc. We will suggest a reasonable material & printing method for your budget.