The folding carton extension style is a method of doubling up the sheet length to allow for significant additional storage. This is a very common type of carton extension and is found in most cartons.

#clevercartons on the other hand, include these industry-leading features:

- Glue lining to make the carton more rigid and keep the box's shape

- Folded corners that make

  • Locking mechanism for a secure closure

  • Convenient and easy to carry, protects your folder from dirt, dust and rain

  • Features description: - Easy set up.

  • Won't spill open in public.

  • Fits any umbrella design.

  • With so many shape and style combinations, you'll be able to pack anything, anywhere.

  • Rounded, Cylindrical: Keeps your carton looking sharp and proud.

  • Triangle, Diamond: Package a delicate gift package with strong geometric lines and sophisticated accents.

  • Barrier Style: The new kid in town that packages just about anything like a boss, becoming your doorway for stacking!

-The Folding Carton Extension Styles, these styles are based upon folding cartons to have developped many extension styles. 

-These boxes can be made of c1s paperboard, corrugated paperboard. 

-All are depends upon your containing weight of products. 

-Welcome to email us or leave messages online. we will give you some advice for your packagigns. 

-The MOQ is only 300pcs to 500pcs, it depends upon the sizes, if it's large size, it can be 300pcs to start, if small size, 500pcs had better. 

-However, you can contact us easily at 

-We will be glad to help you quote for your packagings.