What type of Apparel Box Do You Want? 

Guangzhou Ecopapebox Packagings pecializes in customizing all kinds of folding boxes, corrugated boxes, gift boxes. Exported to many countries around the world. The quality is guaranteed, and the sample cost is FREE! 500PCS to start with an order. even 300pcs as long as you can accept the high value. 

Here you can customize the style, size and LOGO you want.

There are many kinds of apparel boxes service, such as custom T-shirt boxes, custom vest boxes, custom shoes pacakgings, hat boxes, as well as belts, accessories and other custom apparel boxes etc.

Basically it can be divided into several categories:

1. Custom Retail Box

This type of packaging box is used for display on supermarket shelves neednt transportation, so there are many choices of materials, such as carboard folding cartons, white card box with window, folding pull-out box, folding two piece gift boxes with lids and so on.

2. Custom Rigid Boxes

 If you want a beautiful gift box, you can use a cardboard gift box, but the price is several times more expensive than a folding carton. The boxes used to hold clothing products generally have the cheapest heaven and earth cover box. This box type is the most simple and convenient, and it is regarded as a cheap box type in the gift box category. If you want a more upscale box, then choose a flip magnet box. It can also be divided into folding and non-folding clamshell boxes.


3. Custom Mailer Boxes

This box is used exclusively for e-commerce companies. It can be placed in retail packaging or directly in an inner bag with the product. It is economical, convenient and durable. The only disadvantage is that it will not look as beautiful as card boxes and gift boxes.


However, it all depends on your positioning and budget, and some customers will buy boxes for these three purposes at the same time for different occasions.

If you have other questions, you can send us an email. We are always here for you.