The slotted cartons are the most widely used packaging products, according to different materials, there are corrugated cartons, single-layer cardboard boxes, there are various specifications and models. 

  Cartons commonly used have three layers, five layers, seven layers use less, each layer is divided into paper, corrugated paper, core paper, paper, inside, face paper has tea board paper, kraft paper, core paper corrugated paper, all kinds of paper color and feel is not the same, different manufacturers of paper (color, feel) is not the same.  The function of the gluate in different corrugated shapes is also different. Even with the same quality of face paper and paper, due to the difference in corrugated shape, the composition of corrugated board performance also has a certain difference.

 Internationally common corrugated shape is divided into four kinds, they are A-type corrugated, C-type corrugated, B-type corrugated and E-shaped corrugated. Their technical indicators and requirements are shown in table I. A-shaped corrugated cardboard has a better cushioning, rich in a certain degree of elasticity, C-shaped corrugated than A-type corrugated second. But the stiffness and impact resistance are better than A-shaped corrugated; B-shaped corrugated arrangement density is large, the corrugated board surface is flat, the pressure is high, suitable for printing; 

The difference between container and non-container mainly lies in the outer diameter, and is closely related to the corrugated type. The relationship between the inner diameter specifications, manufacturing specifications and outer diameter specifications of the carton will be listed in detail below:  Usually used as a package or object for the protection of outer layers of a commodity. The volume of cartons varies by the size of the goods, and cartons usually have careful light play, fear of moisture, up, stack limit, fear of sunburn, moisture quality and safety prohibited rollover not to trample pay attention to fire fragile items green environment fear of heat food anti-odor And other patterns or text tips, to remind the user to pay attention to protect the contents of the contents from harm.