Whats the Folding Carton?

Folding Carton Usage:

Folding carton is a kind of widely used green packaging container. We Chinese also call it as folding cardboard box. It is not only widely used in the packaging of drugs, food, cigarettes and handicrafts, but also used in soft drinks, washing supplies, stationery and education supplies, and hardware products, etc.



Packaging folding carton has the advantages of low processing cost, convenient storage and transportation, suitable for all kinds of printing methods, and folding carton is suitable for automatic packaging, convenient for sale and display, good recycling and environmental protection.


With the further enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, folding cartons are widely used in the packaging of fruit juice, milk, cooked food, snacks, drugs, cosmetics and other products. In addition, it can be stacked and stored in flat shape before folding, which greatly reduces the cost of storage and transportation. In recent years, it has made rapid progress. As folding carton has the characteristics of low processing cost, convenient storage and transportation, suitable for all kinds of printing methods, convenient for sale and display, suitable for automatic packaging, good recycling, and conducive to environmental protection, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the demand for folding carton will continue to increase, and the production quality of carton also put forward higher requirements.


Popular Material:

  • SBS paperboard 250gsm to 400gsm is a popularity during making the customized customize cardboard box. Its max thickness is 0.56mm.

When you need more stronger, thicker paperboard, but not corrugated, then we can glue 2 pcs of paperboard together to reach your target weight of baring the products. Such as the tall cake boxes, generally, clients want them eco-friendly, but but their max spec gsm per square meter is only 450gsm, so we have to glue 2 pcs of 350gsm or 400gsm paperboard together. It is not only food grade, good looking than corrugated board boxes, and also can hold a heavy products like 5 lbs.

  • Kraft paperboard: It can have 38gsm to 450gsm. The Below-250gsm kraft are generally used for paper bags, air paper pack, food bag etc.

250gsm or above, can be suitable for a foldable box, or coating on a corrugated board by 250gsm. It has 1 side kraft or 2sides kraft paperboard. 1side is for coating boxes use, or cheaper target price used.  2sides kraft generally, more good looking, and suitable for more luxury paper boxes, bags etc.

  • CCNB paperboard: It is widely used for cheap market packaging & for corrugated box surface printing paper usage. Since it’s more soft than the SBS, C1S, Kraft paperboard. And inside is grey color, not coated in white. So it’s not good looking enough. Better for coating on corrugated boxes. Outside is coated in white, but compared with SBS, its color is not so pure white like SBS, it is more blue white or red white. When you are doing a corrugated mailer box or folding boxes, when your printing color is white, we suggest you choose the SBS paperboard.

Anyway, it’s a long topic about paperboard boxes, let’s to be continued from our other pages.